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‘Astig’ in English

March 16, 2012


‘Astig’ is the most word says by the Filipino if they were impressed. Astig translated in English as cool.

napaka-astig – very cool
astigin - cool


Examples Phrases:

  • Astig nun ah! – That was cool!
  • Astigin nito. – This is cool.
  • Ang astig ng tanawin. – The view is cool.
  • Hindi ka astig. – Your not cool.
  • Hindi ako astig. – I am not cool.
  • Ayoko sa astig. – I don’t like cool.
  • Astig ng bahay niyo. – Your house is cool.
  • Ang astig ng stilo ng buhok mo ah. – The style of your hair is cool.
  • Gusto kita kasi astig ka. – I like you because you’re cool.
  • Wag ka ngang masiyadong astig. – Don’t be so cool.
  • Ang astig mo talaga. – You are really cool.
  • Hindi naman talaga yan astig eh. – Its not really cool.
  • Hindi ka naman ganyan ka astig. You’re not that cool.
  • Ang astig mo pre! – Your cool man!
  • Ayaw kong maging astig. – I don’t want to be cool.
  • Hindi ka astig! – You are not cool!
  • Astig ka sa damit mo. – You are cool on your dress.

Other Examples:

  • Astig ba ako? – Am I cool?
  • Astig ka ba? – Are you cool?
  • Akala ko ba atig ka? – I thought your cool?
  • Atig no? – It’s cool right?
  • Astig ba? – Is it cool?

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