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‘Gutom’ in English

March 19, 2012


‘Gutom’means hungry or starving in English. ‘Gutom na gutom’ is used when you are too hungry; it means you are very hungry. ‘Patay gutom’ means too hungry for food, the street children also called as ‘patay gutom’ because they always ask foods to anyone.

nakakagutom – being hungry
mamatay sa gutom – to die because of hungriness
namatay sa gutom – died because of hungriness
gutom sa pagmamahal – hungry for love
hindi gutom – not hungry
masiyadong gutom – too hungry


Example Sentences:

  • Gutom na ako.I’m hungry.
  • Hindi ako gutom.I’m not hungry.
  • Hindi pa ako gutom. – I’m still not hungry.
  • Gutom na naman ako. – I’m hungry again.
  • Gutom na gutom na talaga ako. – I am really hungry.
  • Gusto ko ng kumain, gutom na ako. – I want to eat, I’m already hungry.
  • Ayaw kong magutom. – I don’t want to be hungry.
  • Hindi ko alam kong gutom siya. – I don’t know if he/she is hungry.
  • Gutom ako sa pagmamahal. – I’m hungry for love.
  • Kumain ka kung gutom ka. – Just eat of your hungry.


Other Examples:

  • Gutom ka ba? – Are you hungry?
  • Gutom ka na ba? – Are you now hungry?
  • Gutom ka pa rin ba hanggang ngayon? – Are you still hungry until now?
  • Bakit hindi ka gutom? – Why you are not hungry?

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