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‘Kumakalam’ in English

March 13, 2012


‘Kumakalam’ is a Tagalog word that means starving. Filipinos always say this phrase when they are hungry, ‘Kumakalam na ang sikmura ko’ which means you are already hungry and wants to eat.

kulakalam starving, hungry
Tagalog Synonyms: gutom
sobrang kalam – too hungry

starving stomach, growling stomach
In tagalog: kumakalam na sikmura / sikmurang kumakalam
kumakalam na tiyan / tiyang kumakalam


  • Kumakalam na talaga ang sikmura ko.I am really starving.
  • Hindi pa kumakalam ang sikmura ko. – I am not hungry.
  • Kumakalam na naman ang sikmura ko. – I’m hungry again.
  • Kumakalam pa ang sikmura ko. – I’m still hungry.
  • Sobrang kalam na ng sikmura ko. – I’m too hungry.
  • Hindi parating kumakalam ang sikmura ko. – I am not starving all the time.
  • Ayaw kong kumalam ang sikmura ko. – I don’t want to be hungry.
  • Kumakalam na ba ang sikmura mo? – Are you hungry?
  • Bakit kaya kumakalam ang sikmura ko? – Why is that I’m hungry?

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