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'Madamot and maramot' in English

April 27, 2012


‘Maramot and Madamot’ are Tagalog words with the same meaning, it means ‘selfish, stingy’.
Remember: You can use either of the two words.
Root words: maramot – ramot, madamot – damot
Ex: Ang damot mo. / Ang ramot mo. – You are selfish.
Other way of the sentences: Maramot ka. / Madamot ka. – You are selfish

maramot sa pagkain – being selfish with the food
maramot sa pera – being selfish in money


Use ‘maramot’ in Sentences and asking Questions:

  • Maramot ka talaga.You are really selfish.
  • Maramot siya sakin.He/she is selfish to me.
  • Wag kang maging maramot. – Don’t be selfish.
  • Hindi ka naman maramot.You are not selfish.
  • Walang maramot sa amin.There is no selfish in us.
  • Hindi ako maramot.I’m not selfish.
  • Maramot sa lahat ng bagay. – Selfish in anything.
  • Bakit ka ba maramot?Why you are selfish?
  • Bakit ka maramot sa kanya?Why you are selfish to him/her?
  • Maramot ka ba?Are you selfish?

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