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'Magalang' Meaning

March 12, 2012

One of the attitudes of the Filipinos is ‘magalang’ it means polite or respectful. Most Filipinos in the Philippines are magalang.

magalang – root word: galang

magalangrespectful, polite , courteous
napakagalangtoo respectful


  • Magalang na bata – respectful kid
  • Magalang na Pinoy – respectful Filipino
  • Magalang na anak – respectful son/daughter
  • Magalang na pananalita – respectful language
  • Walang galang na bata – not respectful kid
  • Hindi magalang/walang galang – not respectful
  • Masyadong magalang – too respectful


  • Magalang si + (name) - ______ is respectful.

Ex:      Magalang si Rowena. – Rowena is respectful.
            Magalang si John. – John is respectful.
            Magalang si Paul. – Paul is respectful.


  • Magalang sa mga magulang.Respectful to the parents.
  • Magalang si Nena sa mga magulang niya. – Nina is respectful to her parents.
  • Magalang siyang bata. – He is a respectful kid.
  • Huwag mo siyang igalang. – Don’t respect him/her.
  • Magalang ako. – I am respectful.
  • Iginagalang kita. – I respect you.
  • Iginagalang ko ang desisyon mo. – I respect your decision.
  • Hindi siya magalang. – He/she is not respectful.
  • Galangin mo ang magulang mo. – Respect your parents.
  • Kailangan mo akong galangin. – You should respect me.
  • Ayaw kong igalang ka. – I don’t want to respect you.
  • Kailangan ko ng galang mo. – I need your respect.
  • Sana igalang mo ako. – I hope you will respect me.
  • Sino ka para igalang? – Who are you to be respected?
  • Magalang ka ba? – Are you respectful?
  • Nasaan ang galang mo? – Where is your respect?
  • Bakit ka magalang?Why you’re respectful?
  • Ginagalang mo ba ako? – Do you respect me?

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