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‘Malungkot’ in English

March 21, 2012


                                      ‘Malungkot’ is a tagalog word means ‘sad’.
                                                Root word: lungkot means sad             

nakakalungkot – so sad
sobrang lungkot – very sad
hindi malungkot – not sad
malungkot na malungkot – so sad
napakalungkot – so sad

nakakalungkot na pangyayari – so sad
nakakalungkot isipin – so sad to think


‘Nakakalungkot naman.’ – you will say this when you are giving your sympathy to the sadness of someone

Example Sentences:

  • Malungkot ako ngayong araw.I am sad this day.
  • Napakalungkot ko.I’m so sad.
  • Ang lungkot naman niya.He/she is very sad.
  • Malungkot ako pag wala ka dito.I am sad when you are not here.
  • Wag kang malungkot.Don’t be sad.


  • Bakit ka malungkot?Why are you sad?
  • Malungkot ka pa ba? Are you still sad?
  • Mukha ba akong malungkot?Do I look sad?

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