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'Marumi and Madumi' in English

April 26, 2012


Marumi and madumi have the same meaning in English, it means ‘dirty’.
Remember: You can use either of the two words.


maruming kamay – dirty hands
maruruming labahin – soiled clothes
maduduming plato – soiled disher
maduming kapaligiran – dirty surroundings
maruming bahay – dirty house


dumi / rumi – dirty
                              Ex: Ang dumi/rumi banyo.The comfort room is dirty.
Ang dumi/rumi mo naman. – You are dirty.

napakarumi / napakadumi– very dirty
Ex: Napakadumi/ Napakarumi ng ng bahay.The house is very dirty.
Napakadumi/napakarumi ng paa mo. – Your feel is very dirty.

maruming-marumi / maduming-madumi – very dirty
Ex: Maruming-marumi/maduming-madumi ang sala.The living room is very dirty.
Maruming-marumi/maduming-madumi ang damit ko. – My dress is very dirty.


Example Sentences:

  • Napakarumi mo. – You are very dirty.
  • Marumi ang katawan ko. – My body is dirty.
  • Linisan mo ang maduming sahig. – Clean the dirty floor.

Example in asking Questions:

  • Madumi ba to?Is this dirty?
  • Madumi ba ako? – Am I dirty?
  • Mukha ba akong madumi? – Do I look dirty?

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