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‘Masakit’ Meaning

April 23, 2012

masakit – painful, aching
Root word: sakit – pain

napakasakit very painful
walang masakit – there is no painful

masakit ang tiyan / masakit na tiyan – painful stomach
masakit ang ulo / masakit na ulo – painful head
masakit ang katawan / masakit na katawan – painful body
                               masakit ang mata / masakit na mata – painful eyes
masakit ang likod / masakit na likod back pain



Use ‘masakit’ in Tagalog Sentences:

  • Masakit ang buong katawan ko. – My whole body is painful.
  • Masakit yung likod ko. – My back is aching.
  • Masakit talaga. – It’s really painful.


Use ‘masakit in asking Questions:

  • Masakit ba? – Is it painful? or Does it hurt?
  • Masakit ba ang katawan mo? – Is your body is painful?
  • Masakit ba ang ulo mo? – Is your head is painful?

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