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‘Napakasarap’ in English

March 16, 2012


 ‘Napakasarap’ means very delicious. It came from the root word sarap which means delicious. Sarap is also the short term of masarap.

napaka – so, very, extremely

napaka + sarap = napakasarapvery + delicious = very delicious


Example Sentences:

  • Napakasarap nito.This is very delicious.
  • Napakasarap magluto ni nanay.Mom cooks very delicious.
  • Napakasarap ng mga pagkain.The foods are very delicious.
  • Napakasarap ng pagkaing dala mo.The food you bring is very delicious.


Napakasarap ng + (name of the food). – ________ is very delicious.

  • Napakasarap ng tinolang manok.Tinolang manok is very delicious.
  • Napakasarap ng kare-kare. – Kare-kare is very delicious.
  • Napakasarap ng kaldereta.Kaldereta is very delicious.

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