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‘Tabi po’ Meaning

March 17, 2012


‘Tabi po’ means excuse me to respect elders and other. In the Philippines, Filipinos says ‘Tabi-tabi po’ to stand aside those creatures. You need to use the ‘po’ to be respectful.

  • ‘Tabi-tabi po nuno’ – means excuse for those little creatures, Filipinos are
  • ‘Tabi-tabi po sa mga kumakain.’ – means excuse for those who are eating
  • ‘Tabi-tabi po, makikihi lang po.’ – means you want to excuse for the creatures that you will urinate
  • ‘Tabi-tabi po sa mga nanonood.’ – meansexcuse for those who are watching


          Examples Sentences:                                                                                           

  • ‘Tabi po dadaan ako.’Excuse me I’ll just pass by.
  • ‘Tabi po nay at tay.’Excuse me mom and dad.
  • ‘Tabi po muna kuya.’ – Excuse me brother.
  • ‘Tabi po may kukunin lang.’ – Excuse me I’ll just get something.


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