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‘Totoy’ in English

April 28, 2012


‘Totoy’ is a Tagalog word which means little boy.
Other Meaning: small kid, son, young looking guy
Tagalog Synonyms: bata, batang lalaki,

‘totoy’ also used as names for sons in the Philippines.
Ex: Ano ang ginagawa mo Totoy?What are you doing Totoy?


Use ‘totoy’ in Sentences:

  • Totoy ka pa.You are still a little boy.
  • Bawal ang totoy dito.Little boy is not allowed here.
  • Madami ka pang kakaining pagkain totoy.You still need to eat a lot of food kid.
  • Umuwi ka na sa bahay niyo totoy. – Go home little kid.
  • May nagawang kasalanan si totoy. – The little kid had done something wrong.
  • Nawawala si totoy. – The little boy is missing.
  • Ito ang anak kong totoy. – This is my son a little boy.
  • Ang kulit ng totoy na yun. – That little boy is so annoying.
  • Nakita ko yung totoy doon. – I saw the little kid there.
  • Ang astig ni totoy. – The little kid is cool.
  • Naglalaro si totoy. – The little kid is playing.
  • Hindi kasalanan ni totoy. – It’s not the fault of the kid.
  • Hindi kana totoy. – You are not a kid anymore.
  • Masama ang pakiramdam ni totoy. – The little kid is not feeling well.
  • Ayaw ko sa totoy nayun. – I don’t like that kid.


Use ‘totoy’ in asking Questions:

  • Nakita mo yung totoy? – Have you seen the little boy?
  • Anong nangyari kay totoy? – What happened to the little boy?
  • Nasaan si totoy? – Where is the little boy?
  • Anak mo ba yang totoy na yan? – Is the little kid is your child?
  • Bakit mo hinahanap si totoy? – Why are you looking for the little kid?

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