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Use ‘ayaw’ in Sentences and asking Questions

April 28, 2012

Example Sentences:

  • Ayaw kong umuwi sa bahay.I don’t want to go home.
  • Ayaw kitang iwan.I don’t want to leave you.
  • Ayaw kitang makita. – I don’t want to see you.
  • Ayaw kong makipag-usap sayo.I don’t want to talk to you.
  • Ayaw kong ng umapasa pa. – I don’t want to expect anymore.
  • Ayaw ko sayo.I don’t like you.
  • Ayaw kong mawala ka. – I don’t want to lose you.
  • Ayaw ko ng ganito. – I don’t want like this.
  • Ayaw ko maging katulad mo. – I don’t want to be like you.
  • Ayaw kong umalis. – I don’t want to go.
  • Ayaw kong sumasayo. – I don’t want to go with you.
  • Ayaw kong maging tangga. – I don’t want to be an idiot.
  • Ayaw ko lang na masaktan ka. – I just don’t want you to be hurt.
  • Ayaw kitang saktan. – I don’t want to hurt you.
  • Ayaw kitang mahalin. – I don’t want to love you.
  • Ayaw na ba talaga niya? – He/she doesn’t want it anymore?
  • Ayaw kong lumabas. – I don’t want to go outside.
  • Ayaw kong kumain. – I don’t want to eat.
  • Ayaw kong tumingin sa mga bata mo at baka mahulog ako. – I don’t want to look into your eyes I might fall.


Example of asking Questions:

  • Bakit ayaw mo na? – Why you don’t want it?
  • Bakit ayaw mong makipag-usap sa kanya? – Why you don’t want to talk to him/her?
  • Bakit ayaw mong maniwala sa akin? – Why you don’t believe me?
  • Ayaw mo ba? – You don’t want it?
  • Ayaw mo na ba sa akin? – You don’t like me anymore?
  • Bakit ayaw mo sa kanya? – Why you don’t like him/her?
  • Bakit ayaw mong umalis? – Why you don’t want to go?
  • Ayaw mo ng ganun? – You don’t want like that?
  • Bakit ayaw humingi ng paumanhin? – Why you don’t want to say sorry?

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