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Family Bonding Conversation

November 27, 2011


Ivy: Mom why is that Manuel always say that I’m ‘tangga’? I don’t understand…
Mom: Because of you always lost your valuable things. That means your idiot.
Ivy: How bad he is! He also said I’m ‘Batang baliw’.
Mom: That means you’re a crazy kid.
Ivy: Oh my! Of course I’m not…
Manuel: Haha. I always say those words and phrases so that you’ll know what the meaning of that… Because sometimes you are really stupid! Haha
Ivy: Hey! I’m not stupid!
Manuel: You are! There’s one time someone say that you are ‘masungit na bata’ (bad girl) then you’re shouting and shouting because it’s true.
Ivy: I’m not a bad girl!
Manuel: You’re also a ‘maliit na duwende'. Haha
Ivy: Stop it! I’m not a little dwarf!
Manuel: Haha. Okay, then you are a ‘kawawang nilalang’! (pity human)
Ivy: I’m not! Huhu
Mom: Stop it Manuel… your brother is just joking Ivy.
Ivy: I will study Tagalog! Watch out Manuel!
Manuel: Okay, I’ll wait for that… After 10 years? Haha
Ivy: Heeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!!! Grrrh!
Manual and mom: Haha


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