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‘I don’t know Tagalog’ Conversation

November 29, 2011


Richard: Hey Joel, I am curious why my Filipino friend sometimes called me ‘astig’. What that means?
Joel: It means you’re cool.
Richard: Oh? Do I?
Joel: Lol, you are not pare!
Richard: Hey! What that word?
Joel: It’s like ‘man’.
Richard: I am really like an idiot listening to my Filipino friends, they making tagalog jokes at me but I can’t understand. Sometime also they called me ‘baklang payatot’.
Joel: Hahaha. That’s funny men! It means you’re a slim gay!!!
Richard: What?!!! I am not like that! I am healthy of course that’s why I’m slim.
Joel: You look so kawawa when they make joke at you! Haha
Richard: ‘Kawawa’??? What’s that?
Joel: It means your pity! Haha!
Richard: Hey! You’re more pitiful than me huh!
Joel: No I’m not, I am good in Tagalog… How poor Richard. Haha
Richard: Lol. I don’t care!
Joel: Suko kana? Haha
Richard: Again and again… I don’t understand what you’re talking about!
Joel: I said you alrealy surrender! Haha
Richard: Haha, stop it you’re an idiot in Tagalog before too! Lol
Joel: But now..???
Richard: Wooh! Bye!
Joel: Hahaha! Bye baklang payatot… lol

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