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'I want to learn Tagalog' Conversation

November 28, 2011


Kimberly: I want to learn Tagalog Hanna.
Hanna: Oh you search it on the internet and learn a lot about it.
Kimberly: Okay, so you know a lot of tagalog phrases?
Hanna: Of course.
Kimberly: Ah okay, what’s the tagalog of ‘I want to visit Philippines’?
Hanna: It’s ‘Gusto kong bumisita sa Pilipinas.’
Kimberly: How about, ‘I want to marry a Filipino’?
Hanna: ‘Gusto kong mag-asawa ng Pilipino’.
Kimberly: One more, ‘I want my wedding in Boracay’.
Hanna: ‘Gusto ko sa Boracay ikasal’.
Kimberly: Ohhh, you’re good in Tagalog!
Hanna: Yeah, I learn it from my half Filipino boyfriend.
Kimberly: I see, you really need to be good in Tagalog. What if someone ask me this, ‘Do you speak in Tagalog?’. What will I answer?
Hanna: You shoud say, ‘Hindi masiado’.
Kimberly: What that means?
Hanna: It means, ‘Not really’.
Kimberly: Ah okey, if he/she ask me who teach me how to speak in Tagalog?
Hanna: You’ll answer, ‘Ang kaibigan ko’.
Kimberly: I know that one it means my friend teach me.
Hanna: Yeah right! How did you know that?
Kimberly: I saw it on the subtitle of one the Filipino movie I’ve watched.
Hanna: You like Filipino movies?
Kimberly: Yes! It’s one way of learning, so that I will learn some Tagalog lines.
Hanna: That’s great! Keep it up!

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