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‘Let’s talk about love’ Conversation

November 30, 2011


Julus: Hey, do you know what’s the tagalog word of love?
Aries: Oh, love means ‘mahal’ in Tagalog.
Julus: Then why do other Filipino says ‘I lab yo’, its like English.
Aries: Oh, it’s just the other way, they using it just like in English language but it read the same.
Julus: Ah okey, if I’ll say to my Filipina gf ‘I love you’, what’s the tagalog of that?
Aries: It’s ‘mahal kita’. Other’s says ‘ini-irog kita’.
Julus: Why there’s another phrase?
Aries: ‘Iniirog kita’ is the oldest way of expressing your feelings to the one you love.
Julus: I see. Then what will be the tagalog reply of I love you?
Aries: It’s ‘mahal din kita’ or ‘iniirog din kita’.
Julus: Ah ok, my friend also says ‘iniibig kita’. What’s that mean?
Aries: That also mean ‘I love you’.
Julus: So I can use any of that phrases?
Aries: Yes of course.
Julus: How about, ‘Do you love me?’ in tagalog?
Aries: It’s ‘Mahal mo ba ako?’.
Julus: Then if she’ll say, ‘Yes, I love you.’?
Aries: The tagalog of that is, ‘Oo, mahal kita’. And if your girlfriend doesn’t love you she will say ‘Hindi kita mahal’, which means ‘I don’t love you’.
Julus: Oh, she must say I love you or else I’ll leave her. Haha
Aries: Yeah, cause it’s not fair. Lol


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