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AMOY, n. odor, smell.

May 9, 2011

AMOY, n. odor, smell.

paamoy - let me smell (it)
Sentence example: Paamoy nga kong talagang mabango ka?
In English: Let me smell (it) if you're really fragrant?

magandang amoy - good smell
Sentence example: Maganda ang amoy ng mangga.
In English:  The mango has a good smell.

mabahong amoy - a bad smell
Sentence example: Mabahong amoy ang bulaklak na iyan.
In English: That flower has a bad smell.

malansang amoy - a fishy smell 
Sentence example: Ang damit mo ay malansa.
In English: Your dress is fishy smell.

inamoy ako - smelled me
Sentence example: Inamoy ako ng aso.
In English: The dog smelled me. 

umaamoy -  It smells. 
Sentence example: Umaamoy ang patay na daga.
In English: The dead rat it smells.

amuyin mo ako -  Smell me. 
Sentence example: Amuyin mo ako ng todo.
In English: Smell me wholly.

amoy-araw - smell of sweat after being in the sunlight
Sentence example: Amoy-araw ka talaga.
In English: You smell like a sweat of after being in the sunlight.

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