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Asking about Hotel Rooms in Tagalog

February 6, 2012


  1. Do you have a vacant room? – May bakante po ba kayong kwarto?
  2. Is there an available room? – May magagamit bang kwarto?
  3. Can I check-in right now? – Pwede ba akong magtsek-in ngayon?
  4. Do you have a big room? – May malaki ba kayong kwarto?
  5. How much per night? – Magkano ang isang gabi?
  6. Are private rooms are available? – May pribadong bang kwarto?
  7. Does your room is comfortable? – Komportable ba ang kwarto niyo?
  8. Does your rooms are expensive? – Mahal ba ang mga kwarto niyo?
  9. Do you have cheap rooms? – Mayroon ba kayong mumorahing kwarto?
  10. Can you suggest what the best room is? – May maimumungkahi ka bang pinakamagandang kwarto?
  11. Can you reserve the best room for me? – Pwede ka bang maglaan ng pinakamagandang kwarto para sa akin?

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