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'Balikbayan’ meaning

February 13, 2012


Balikbayan’ means a person who is returning to its beloved country. Balikbayan came composed of two words the ‘balik’ which means to come back and ‘bayan’ means country. To be specific, balikbayan means ‘an overseas Filipino returning to the Philippines’.


  1. Ang nanay ko magbabalikbayan ngayong Pasko. – My mother will come to the Philippines this Christmas.
  2. Kailan ang balikbayan mo? – When you will come back your country?
  3. Mas mabuting magbalikbayan. – It’s more okay to come to my country.
  4. Magbabalikbayan ako sa susunod na taon. – I will come back to my country next year.
  5. Balikbayan lahat ng pamilya ko ngayon. – My family will go back to the country now.

Balikbayan box – a box which that has an items or gifts by Filipinos in overseas


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