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‘Basted’ meaning

November 26, 2011


‘Basted’ is a tagalog word which means failure. This word is usually used when you’re courting someone, which means your fail in courting her.

Tagalog Synonyms: bigo, sawi


Binasted/Nabasted – Past
Babastidin – future


Nabasted ako ni Lucy kanina. – Means, ‘Lucy fails him’
or you can also use the other one: Binasted ako ni Lucy kanina.


Using basted in a sentence:
These sentences have the same meaning of someone fails you, examples are:

  • Nabasted ka ba? / Binasted ka ba?
  • Basted ka ano?
  • Walang pag-asa basted ako.
  • Binasted niya ako.
  • Ang sakit, basted ako agad.



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