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‘Come again’ in Tagalog

February 5, 2012


Come again on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday.


  1. Come again on Sunday. – Balik ka sa Linggo.
  2. Come again on Tuesday. – Balik ka sa Martes.
  3. Come again on Wednesday. – Balik ka sa Myerkules.
  4. Come again on Thursday. – Balik ka sa Huwebes.
  5. Come again on Friday. – Balik ka Byernes.
  6. Come again on Saturday. – Balik ka sa Sabado.
  7. Come again on Monday. – Balik ka sa Lunes


Other Examples:

  1. Come again tomorrow. – Balik ka bukas.
  2. Come again here tomorrow. – Balik ka dito bukas. (You’ll just need to add ‘dito’ because this is the English word of the ‘here’.)
  3. Come again on the right time. – Balik ka sa tamang oras/panahon.
  4. Come again if you need me. – Balik ka kung kailangan mo ako.
  5. Come again when you are ready. – Balik ka kung handa kana.
  6. Come again another day. – Balik ka sa susunod na araw.

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