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Do you know in Tagalog

October 8, 2011

Know – alam/marunong/kilala

Do you know?
Tagalog: Alam mo ba?/Marunong ka ba?/Kilala mo ba?

Sometimes there are changes on the sentences, because ‘know’ means alam/marunong/kilala in Tagalog, so it depends on the sentences you are using.


Do you know _______?
Tagalog: Marunong ka bang ________?



Do you know how to speak in Tagalog?
Tagalog: Marunong ka bang magsalita ng Tagalog?

Do you know how to draw?
Tagalog: Marunong ka bang gumuhit?
Draw – guhit, pass tense: gumuhit

Do you know that his mom is a Filipina?
Tagalog: Alam mo bang Filipina ang nanay niya?
Mom – nanay

Do you know him?
Tagalog: Kilala mo ba siya?

Do you know where she lives?
Tagalog: Alam mo ba kung saan siya nakatira?

Do you know his a gay?
Tagalog: Alam mo ba na bakla siya?


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