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During Inspections

February 5, 2012


  1. Let me see your id please. – Patingin po id niyo.
  2. Let me check your id. – Patsek ng id mo.
  3. Let me see inside of your bag please. – Patingin po ng nasa loob ng bag niyo.
  4. Let me check you bag. – Patsek mo ng bag niyo.
  5. Let me see your card please. – Patingin po ng kard mo.
  6. Let me check your card. – Patsek ng card mo.
  7. Let me see your ticket please. – Patingin po ng ticket niyo.
  8. Let me check your ticket. – Patsek ng ticket mo.
  9. Let me see your license please. – Patingin po ng lisensiya niyo.
  10. Let me check your license. – Patsek ng lisensiya mo.
  11. Let me see your baggage please. – Patingin po ng bagahe niyo.
  12. Let me check you baggage. – Patsek ng bagahe mo.
  13. Let me see your visa please. – Patingin po ng visa niyo.
  14. Let me check your visa. – Patsek ng visa mo.

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