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Education in Philippines

June 27, 2011

Philippines have 6 years in elementary, 4 years in high school, and 4 years in college (depending on the course). Philippines also have kindergarten.


Tagalog: Elementarya

High school/ secondary
Tagalog: Sekondarya

Tagalog: Koleheyo

Tagalog: Unibersidad

Tagalog: Paaralan

Tagalog: Edukasyon

Secondary school
Tagalog: Mataas na edukasyon

Private school
Tagalog: Pribadong paaralan

Publick School
Tagalog: Pampublikong paaralan

Private university
Tagalog: Pribadong unibersidad

Public university
Tagalog: Pambublikong unibersidad

Private college
Tagalog: Pribadong kolehiyo

Public college
Tagalog: Pambublikong kolehiyo

Private secondary school
Tagalog: Pribadong paaralan sa secondarya

Public secondary school
Tagalog: Pambublikong paaralan sa secondarya

Private elementary school
Tagalog: Pribadong paaralan sa elementarya

Public elementary school
Tagalog: Pambublikong paaralan sa elementarya

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Similarities of Spanish and Tagalog

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