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Filipino Street Words

May 27, 2011

Street words mean Salitang Kanto in tagalog.

Salitang kanto also called:
Salitang Pabalbal
Salitang Kalye
Kanto words

Filipino’s loved in creating slang words. Pinoy are also using and borrowing foreign languages to invent new slang words.

ermat – mother
erpat – father
utol – brother
astig – cool
lukaret – crazy, gay’s mostly using this word
chaka/tsaka – ugly
syota – boyfriend/girlfriend
askal – act like a dog
kano – american
sisiw – easy
pogi – handsome
pre and tol – like a brother, a friend
jologs – corny
ulol – crazy
boss – bossing
yosi – cigarette
bebot – cicks
baktol – underarm problem
asoque – hair on the underarm
jabarr – sweat body
baksil – sweats on the underarms
haliparot – a gay is flirting
spongklong – a stupid man

Gay’s and people who are less in education are mostly fun of slang words.

When you’re going in the Philippines you must be careful of these bad words: tarantado, gago, putang ina, and ulol.

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