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Games in the Philippines

May 13, 2011

Bahay kubo - hand- clapping game which is played by four persons.

Patintero (three nights )- there are two groups. Each member of the group who is it stands on the water lines and try to cross on the line and catch or touch the other group.

Palo sebo (Greased Bamboo Climbing) - There is a small bag which is the price and tied at the end of every pole of a straight bamboo which are greased to make them smooth. And the player will climb on the poles to get the price.

Taguan (hide and seek) - the other players will hide and there is a one player that will search them. If all players found the game ends and the player who first found will be the new searcher.

Takip silim (blind man) - the one player is blindfolded with handkerchief and he will turn three times then search the rest players. The one caught will be the next searcher.

Luksong tinik (jump over thorns) - there are two teams each team has a mother and the rest are children. The mothers should be a good jumpers and the players will jump the height of the hands of the members of the other team without touching the hands. And if the players touch the hands while jumping, it is considered as an error or fault.

Other games:

araw-lilim - (day and night) Played on sunny day or moonlight night.
jolen/holen - local games of marbles
jack en poy - (rock-paper-scissors)
agawang sulok - (get in the corner) 
iring-iring - (drop the handkerchief)

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