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How many, How much, How, Where, When, Who, What, and Why

June 3, 2011

> How much
Tagalog: Magkano

How much is that?
Tagalog: Magkano iyan?

> How many
Tagalog: Ilan

How many students in your class?
Tagalog: Ilan ang mga studyante sa inyung klase?

> How
Tagalog: Paano

How can I get?
Tagalog: Paano ko makukuha yun?

> Where
Tagalog: Saan

Where is your dad?
Tagalog: Nasaan ang tatay mo?

> When
Tagalog: Kailan

When is your birthday?
Tagalog: Kailan ang iyong kaarawan?

> Who
Tagalog: Sino

Who is the owner of this?
Tagalog: Sino ang may-ari nito?

Tagalog: Ano

What is the name of your mom?
Tagalog: Ano ang pangalan ng iyong ina?

> Why
Tagalog: Bakit

Why are you late?
Tagalog: Bakit ka nahuli?

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