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'Kanin' in English

February 15, 2012


Filipinos are traditionally eating rice in their every day meal, in the morning, afternoon, and evening. That’s why Filipino can’t live without rice.

‘Kanin’ is boiled rice/cooked rice.

kaning malagkit – rice which is stick
tutong – boiled rice which is burnt
bahaw – left-over rice
malamig na kanin or kaning malamig – a cold rice
saing/mag-saing – to cook

Palay and Bigas:
Palay’ is a raw / milled rice while ‘bigas’ is raw / a rice which is not milled

Magsaing ng kanin – to cook rice
Magluto ng bigas – to cook rice

Mayron pa ba tayong bigay? – Do we still have rice?
Luto na yung kanin. – The rice is already cooked.

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