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February 15, 2012


‘Kano’ is the short term of Amerikano which is American in English.

‘ameriKANO’ – American

  • Kanong-kano ang dating – American look
  • Amerikanong Hilaw – a Filipino that look like an American, or you can also called it ‘Mestisong Hilaw’ in the Philippines


Example Sentences:

  1. Darating na ang nobyo kung kano. – My American boyfriend is coming.
  2. Kano ang nobyo ko. – My boyfriend is an Amercan.
  3. Kano ang asawa ko. – My husband is an American.
  4. Hindi ako kano mukha lang akong kano. – I’m not an American I’m just look like an American.
  5. Isa akong kano. – I am an American.
  6. Ikinatutuwa kong maging kano. – I am happy to be an American.
  7. Madaming kano sa bahay bakasyonan. – A lot of Americans in the vacation house.
  8. Mga gwapo ang mga kano. – Americans are handsome.


Other Examples:

  1. Kano ka ba? – Are you an American?
  2. Kano ka ba talaga? – Are really American?
  3. Mga kano din ba ang mga pamilya mo? – Does your family is an American too?
  4. Mestisong kano ka ba? – Are you a half blood Filipino and American?
  5. Hindi ka kano diba? – You are not American right?

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