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 ‘Kulit’ Meaning

February 21, 2012


‘Kulit’ came from the word makulitwhich means troublesome, mischievous, stubborn, annoying. However it still depends on the sentence you will use.

Kulit-kulit – so annoying
Kulit – annoying
Ang kulit-kulit. – annoying


Related Example Sentences:

Ang kulit-kulit mo talaga. – You are so annoying.
Ang kulit mo. – You are annoying.
Talagang ang kulit mo. – You are really annoying.
Wag ka ngang makulit. – Don’t be mischievous.
Nagiging makulit ka na naman. – You are being stubborn again.


"Ang kulit ni (noun)."

  • Ang kulit ni Lorry. / Makulit si Lorry. – Lorry is mischievous.
  • Ang kulit ni Jeska. / Makulit si Jeska.– Jeska is mischievous.
  • Ang kulit ni Raphael. / Makulit si Raphael. – Raphael is mischievous.
  • Ang kulit ni bunso. / Makulit si bunso. – The youngest is mischievous.
  • Ang kulit ni ate. / Makulit si ate. – Sister is mischievous.


"Ang kulit ng (noun) ko."

  • Ang kulit ng anak ko. / Makulit ang anak ko. – My daughter/son is annoying.
  • Ang kulit ng asawa ko./ Makulit ang asawa ko. – My husband is annoying.
  • Ang kulit ng kapitbahay ko. / Makulit ang kapitbahay ko. – My neighbor is annoying.
  • Ang kulit ng kasintahan ko. / Makulit ang kasintahan ko. – My boyfriend is annoying.
  • Ang kulit ng nanay at tatay ko. / Makulit ang nanay at tatay ko. – My mom and dad are annoying.

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