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Magkaibigan and magka-ibigan

May 7, 2011

The word mag is place on the front of nouns which this is use to verbalize the tagalog nouns. Kaibigan is a tagalog word that means friends in English.

Magkaibigan means friends, while the magka-ibigan means your turning into lovers, magka-ibigan will only happen in the future. The difference is the dash, when it has a dash it means you are turning into lovers if don’t have a dash you are friends. Here are some examples:

1. Magkaibigan sina Jean at Julious.
In English: Tina and Julious are friends.

2. Magka-bigan sana sina Jean at Julious.
In English: I hope Jean and Julious will be lovers.

3. Ako at si Vanessa ay magkaibigan.
In English: Vanessa and I are friends.

4. Magkaibigan parin tayo kahit na hindi tayo mag-kaibigan.
In English: Were still friends even we will not be a lovers.

5. Sana ako at si Liza ay magka-ibigan.
In English: I hope that Liza and I will be lovers.

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