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‘Maligno’ Meaning

March 8, 2012


‘Maligno’ is a creature that divides into two groups the good and bad. Filipino believed that maligno is leaving in the forest and old tress.

maligno - ghost
Tagalog Synonyms of ‘maligno’: aswang, multo, lamang lupa


Use ‘maligno’ in a Sentence:

  • Walang maligno.There’s no ghost.
  • Wag kang maniwala sa maligno.Don’t believe in ghost.
  • Hindi ko makita ang maligno.I can’t see the ghost.
  • Hindi ako nakakakita ng maligno.I can’t see ghost.
  • Nandoon ang maligno.The ghost is there.
  • Wala akong nakikitang maligno.I did see any ghost.
  • Sabihan mo ako kung maligno ka ba.Just tell if you are a ghost.
  • Natatakot ako sa maligno.I am scared of ghost.
  • Wag kang matakot sa maligno.Don’t be scared of ghost.
  • Hindi totoo ang maligno.Ghost is not true.
  • Walang maligno sa bahay.There is no ghost in the house.
  • Maniwala ka sakin walang maligno.Believe me there’s no ghost.
  • May nakita akong maligno.I saw a ghost.
  • May maligno sa tabi mo.There’s a ghost on your side.
  • Kamukha mo ang maligno.Your look like the ghost.
  • Hindi kami maligno. – Were not a ghost.
  • Akala ko maligno ka. – I thought you’re a ghost.
  • Wag ka ngang mag-isip ng maligno. – Don’t think about ghost.
  • Maraming maligno sa bahay. – There are many ghosts in the house.
  • Maraming maligno sa kagubatan – There’s a lot of ghost in the forest.
  • Sa tingin ko maligno siya. – I think he/she is a ghost.
  • Hindi ako maligno. – I am not a ghost.
  • Nandoon ang maligno. – The ghost is over there.
  • Wag kang mag-alala walang maligno. – Don’t worry there’s no ghost.
  • Para kang maligno. – You are like a ghost.
  • Takot ako sa maligno. – I am scared of ghost.


Other Examples:

  • Maligno ka ba?Are you a ghost?
  • Naniniwala ka bas a maligno?Do you believe in ghost?
  • Sinong may sabing may maligno?Who said that there is a ghost?
  • May maligno ba dito?Is there a ghost here?
  • Bakit may maligno dito?Why there’s a ghost here?
  • Saan ang maligno?Where is the ghost?
  • Nakita mo ba ang maligno?Did you see the ghost?
  • Takot ka ba sa maligno? – Are you scared of ghost?

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