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Meron and Mayroon

January 6, 2012


Meron is the lowest term of mayroon which means ‘has, have, there is, there are. You can use either of the two; I prefer to use the ‘meron’ because it’s the easiest way.

Examples Sentences:
Meron akong ganyan. – I have like that.
Meron na ako niyan. – I have like that.
Hindi ko alam kung meron ako ganyan. – I don’t know if have like that.
Merong pagkain dyan. – There’s a food there.
Meron na akong anak. – I have daughter/son.
Meron akong asawa. – I have a husband.
Merong tao sa kalsada. – There’s man on the street.
Merong isang magandang babae sa bahay na yan. – There’s a beautiful girl in that house.
Meron yatang kasama si Selena. – I think Selena have a companion.


In questions:
Meron ka bang ate? – Do you have a sister?
Meron pa bang bakante? – There still vacant?
Meron bang tao dyan? – Someone’s there?
Merong ka ba alam tungkol dyan? – Do you have knowledge about that?
Meron ka bang pera? – Do you have money?

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