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'Pala' in English

October 21, 2011


Pala is added on the front of verb.

Pala + verb
Pala + kain = palakain – means 'you love to eat'

verb: dance – sayaw
palasayaw means 'you love to dance'

verb: sing – kanta
palakantameans 'you love to sing'

verb: shout – sigaw
palasigawmeans 'you love to shout'

verb: run – takbo
palatakbo – means 'you love to run'

verb: walk – lakad
palalakad – means 'you love to walk'

verb: jump – talon
palatalon – means 'you love to jump'

verb: sleep – tulog
palatulog – means 'you love to sleep'

verb: dance – sayaw
palasayawmeans 'you love dance'

verb: swim – langoy
palalangoy – means ' you love to swim'

verb: write – sulat
palasulat – means ' you love to write'



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