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February 15, 2012


‘Palengke’ is a kind of public market in the Philippines. ‘Palengke’ mostly sells fresh fishes, meats, vegetables, and others. This is also called merkado.


  • Madaming isda sa palengke. – There are a lot of fishes in the market.
  • Bumili ka ng preskong gulay sa palengke. – Buy fresh vegetables in the market.
  • Saan ang palengke dito? – Where is the market here?
  • Mura sa palengke. – It’s cheap in the market.
  • Nasa palengke siya. – He/she is on the market.
  • Pupunta ako sa palengke. – I will go to the market.
  • Sa palengke ka bumili dahil mura ang presyo. – You should buy in the market because the price is cheap.
  • Madaming tao sa palengke. – Market has a lot of people.
  • Madaming magnanakaw sa palengke. – There is a lot of thief in the market.
  • Sa palengke ako maghihintay. – I will wait at the market.
  • Malayo ang palengke. – The market is far away.
  • Malapit lang ang palengke. – The market is just near.
  • Bumili ka ng pagkain sa palengke. – Buy foods in the market.
  • Mabahong isda sa palengke. – The market smells fish.
  • Siksikan sa palengke. – The market is crowd.
  • Pumunta ka sa palengke. – Go in the market.

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