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May 4, 2011

Requests are expressed in Tagalog by adding the prefix PAKI- to the verb root or verb stem followed by the second person NG (non focused)-pronoun, mo (you-singular) or ninyo (you-plural). The prefix PAKI- is similar to the word please in English.
Adding either of the enclitic particles nga and naman "softens" the request further.
Here are some examples representative of the different derivational verb stems:

PAKI – Verb Root

Request form example:

dalhin – pakidala

lutuin – pakiluto

ibigay – pakibigay

ilagay – pakilagay

ipagtimpla – pakitimpla

Sentences example:

                 English                           Tagalog

1. Please carry my ripple. / Pakidala mo ang baril ko.

2. Please cook the fish for me. / Pakiluto mo ang isda para sa akin.

3. Please give the glass to the boy. / Pakibigay mo ang  baso sa batang lalaki.

4. Please put the grapes on the table. / Pakilagay mo ang ubas sa ibabaw ng mesa.

5. Please prepare milk for the baby. Pakitimpla mo ng gatas ang bata.

PAKI – Verb Stem

Request form example:

puntahan – pakipuntahan

lapitan – pakilapitan

bigyan – pakibigyan

dalhan – pakidalhan


                  English                                            Tagalog

1. Please see Marites in the market. / Pakipuntahan mo si Marites sa palengke.

2. Please move closer to the baby. / Pakilapitan mo ang bata.

3. Please leave a tip for the helper. / Pakibigyan mo ng tip ang katulong.

4. Please bring some food for Totoy. / Pakidalhan mo ng pagkain si Totoy.


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