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'Salimpusa' in English

December 24, 2011


Salimpusa comes from the word ‘sali’ which means ‘to join’ and ‘pusa’ means ‘cat’. The two words are combined as salingpusa or in short term ‘salimpusa’, which means you’re ‘attending but don’t have intention to finish the games or any activities. It called salimpusa/salingpusa because you’re like a cat who wants to join such bonding moments.

It is very common in the Philippines when you want to join on the game.


Example Sentences:

Salimpusa ka na naman sa laro. – You’re a salimpusa on the game again.
Salimpusa ka lang – You’re only salimpusa.
Pwede bang salimpusa lang ako? – Can I only be a salimpusa?
Palagi nalang akong salimpusa. – I am always a salimpusa.

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