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Similiarities Between Spanish and Tagalog


Due to Spain's colonial rule of the Philippines, many words from Spanish were incorporated into the Tagalog language.

The best way for Spanish speakers to learn Tagalog is to pad one's vocabulary with the Spanish derived words. And since Spanish is a commonly spoken language I'll devote my first lesson to Spanish speakers seeking to learn Tagalog.

During my stay in the Philippines, I've slowly compiled a table of Spanish-Tagalog words. And I am learning new words everyday so stay tuned to this table.

WARNING: In some cases, the Spanish derived word may not be understood by everybody due to the fact that there may be a couple of words with the same meaning.

For example, in the dictionary I saw that the word for socks could be used as either "medyas" or "kalsetin". The former is used quite frequently while the latter is derived from the Spanish word "calcetines". I tried to use the word "kalsetin" because that was a word I was most comfortable with but nobody could understand what I wanted.

I have seen market expressed as merkado or palengke. I have seen church expressed as inglesya or simbahan. I have seen book expressed as libro or aklat. Since I'm not a native Tagalog speaker nor am I a Philippines resident, I cannot begin to explain how and in which circumstances is it proper to use which word. Or even which region, etc...

But because I developed this table based on words that I've heard instead of words that I've seen in a dictionary, I believe these are the most common of spanish-derived Tagalog words.

In addition to this table, the months, the days of the week, and telling time is derived from Spanish. So if you know these words in Spanish then reproduce them and you will know the Tagalog word. The pronounciation for these words are a bit different but the Spanish pronunciation is, for the most part, understandable by most filipinos. The one exception to this is the word for Sunday. It is not domingo as it is in Spanish, it is linggo which also has a dual meaning for "week". As in 3 linggos meaning "three weeks".

English Spanish Tagalog
automatic automatico awtomatiko
model modelo modelo
product producto produkto
presence presencia presensya
market mercado merkado
technology tecnologia teknolohiya
service servicio serbisyo
inventor inventor imbentor
generation generacion henerasyon
company compania kumpanya
apple manzana mansanas
sugar azucar asucal
pineapple pina pinya
pears pera peras
butter mantequilla mantequilya
meat carne karne
onion cebolla sibuyas
kitchen cocina kusina
window ventana bintana
garage garaje garahe
bed cama kama
telephone telefono telepono
bathroom bano banyo
radio radio radyo
television television telibision
cup taza tasa
knife cuchillo cuchilyo
spoon cuchara cuchara
glass vaso vaso
plate plato plato
lemon limon limon
ham jamon hamon
duck pato pato
margarine margarina margarina
chocolate chocolate chocolate
cantaloupe melon milon
avocado avocado abocado
saucer platito platito
blue azul asol
well bueno bueno
green verde berde
for para para sa
tiger tigre tigre
lion leon lion
horse caballo cabayo
traveler viajero biyahero
world mundo mundo
space espacio ispasiyo
place lugar lugar
distance distancia distansya
sure seguro sigurado
beer cerveza cerbesa
work trabajo trabaho
lucky suerte suwerte
handsome guapo gwapo
book libro libro
diary diario diyaryo
too much demasiado masyado
page pagina pahina
information informacion impormasyon
dangerous peligroso pelegroso
donation donacion donasyon
accident accidente aksidente
like (to like something) gustar (verb) gusto
reason razon rason
understand entender intindihan
teacher maestro/a maestro/a
politician politico politiko
member miembro membro
jealous celoso celos
gossiper chismoso/a chismoso/a
dictionary diccionario diksiyonaryo
student estudiante estudyante
age edad edad
church iglesia iglesya
itinerary itinerario itinerario
favorite favorito paborito
garden jardin hardin
corn mais mais
alcohol alcohol alkohol
hotel hotel otel
tobacco tabaco tabako
passport pasaporte pasaporte
ventilator ventilador bentilador
piano piano piyano
party fiesta piesta
\class clase klase

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Similarities of Spanish and Tagalog

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