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Simple Question and Answer about Yourself

June 22, 2011

Question: What is your name?
Tagalog: Ano ang pangalan mo?
Answer: My name is Veronica.
Tagalog: Ang pangalan ko ay Veronica.

Question: Where do you live?
Tagalog: Saan ka nakatira?
Answer: I live in General Santos City.
Tagalog: Ako ay nakatira sa Lungsod ng Heneral Santos.

Question: Where you from?
Tagalog: Saan ka nanggaling?
Answer: I came from Philippines.
Tagalog: Ako ay nanggaling sa Pilipinas.

Question: How old are you?
Tagalog: Ilang taon kana?
Answer: I am 20 years old.
Tagalog: Ako ay labing dalawang taong gulang.

Question: Where have you been?
Tagalog: Saan ka ba galing?
Answer: I came from there.
Tagalog: Ako ay nang galing doon.

Question: Where are you?
Tagalog: Nasaan ka?
Answer: I am here.
Tagalog: Nandito ako.

Question: Do I know you?
Tagalog: Kilala ba kita?
Answer: Of course yes.
Tagalog: Oo naman.


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