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Some Filipino Wedding Traditions

March 7, 2012


Filipino Wedding Traditions


  • A bride should not try the wedding dress before the wedding because it is believed that it is bad luck. So you will just wear the wedding dress only during the wedding.
  • Giving an ‘arinola’ or a chamber pot as a gift for the married couple is believed that gives good luck to the family.
  • When it rains during the wedding day the meaning of this is happiness and prosperity for the new married couple.

Umuulan sa araw ng kasal.It’s raining during the wedding.

  • The groom should arrive on the church or on the area of the wedding before the bride.
  • If siblings married on the same year it considered as a bad luck in Filipino tradition.

bad luckhindi magandang pamahiin

  • During the reception the newlywed will release a pair of dove which symbolizes love and harmony.

love pagmamahal
harmonrypagkakaisa, masarap na pagsasama

  • A groom wears a ‘barong’ or ‘barong tagalog’ on the wedding day. ‘Barong’ is a traditional wedding dress for the groom it made of hand-loomed jusi or pineapple fiber cloth which is a thin and transparent suit.
  • The groom’s family and the groom will pay for all of the wedding expenses.

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