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Street Foods in the Philippines

June 18, 2011

Balut – a fertilized chicken egg or duck egg that boiled in water
Kwek-kwek and Tokneneng – a boiled chicken egg which dipped in dough (orange color) then fried in deep oil
Bibingka – rice flour pancakes
Camote cue – deep fried sweet potato with brown sugar
Halo-halo – a mixture of any kinds of fruits with ice, sugar, and milk
Biko – rice cake
Lugaw – rice porridge
Barbeque – a marinated chicken and pork
Abnoy – incubated egg of a duck with a mixture of flour and water
Nilupak – mashed sweet potato or cassava
Mais – a boiled sweet corn with salt
Botsi – grilled or deep fried esophagus of chicken
Palitaw – rice flour pancakes with sugar and young coconut toppings
Chicharon – made of fried beef, chicken, or pork
Atay – is a grilled liver of a chicken
Isaw – a barbeque (chicken intestine)
Banana cue – deep fried banana with brown sugar (caramelized)
Adidas – feet of a chicken which marinated then grilled

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