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‘Strict’ in Tagalog

December 21, 2011


Strict – higpit / mahigpit
Tagalog Synonyms: mabagsik

Istrikto – strict boy
Istrikta – strict girl


Istrikto/istrikta talaga si (name).
talaga – really

Example of “istrikto/istrikta” in sentences:

Istrikto talaga si Rowel.
English: Rowel is really strict.

Istrikta talaga si Jelly.
English: Jelly is really strict.

Kung istrikto si nanay, mas istrito si tatay.
English: If mommy is strict, daddy is stricter.


Other Sentence Examples:

Sobrang higpit naman ng magulang mo.
English: Your parents are too strict.

Mahigpit ang magulang ko.
English: My parents are strict.

Wag kang masyadong strict.
English: Don’t be so strict.

Ang higpit naman nila.
English: They are too strict.

Parati nalang siyang mahigpit.
English: He/she is always strict.

Sobrang higpit ng guro ko.
English: My teacher is so strict.

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