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Tagalog Questions/sentences when you don’t know the person

February 9, 2012


To use ‘po’ is optional, however ‘po’ is use to express your questions/sentences respectfully.

  1. Who are you? – Sino po sila?
  2. May I know who you are? – Pwede bang malaman kung sino ka?
  3. Do I know you? – Kilala po ba kita?
  4. Do you know me? – Kilala mo ba ako?
  5. I don’t know who you are. – Hindi ko kilala kong sino ka.
  6. May I know who this is? – Pwede bang malaman kung sino ito?
  7. Have I seen you before? – Nakita na ba kita dati?
  8. Have we met before? – Nagkita na ba tayo noon?
  9. May I know your name please? – Pwede bang malaman ang pangalan mo?
  10. I don’t know who you are. – Hindi ko alam kung sino ka.
  11. By the way who you are? – Siya nga pala sino ka?
  12. I can’t remember that we met. – Hindi ko maalalang nagkita na tayo.
  13. I can’t remember who you are. – Hindi ko malala kong sino ka.

Are you (name)?
Tagalog: Ikaw ba si (name)?
Ex: Ikaw ba si Jane? – Are you Jane?
Ikaw ba si Jana? – Are you Jana?

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