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‘Tamad’ in English

February 15, 2012


tamad lazy

tamad-tamadan – acting your such a lazy
masiyadong tamad – too lazy
tamad kahit saan – lazy in everywhere


‘Juan Tamad’ is one of the Filipino characters in Philippine folk tales which means Juan is lazy. This is a story of a guy which is really lazy in everyway that’s why he called Juan Tamad. Ask Filipino citizens about Juan Tamad and everyone knows about him.

  • You are lazy. – Ang tamad mo.
  • You are really lazy. – Tamad ka talaga.
  • It’s not your problem if I’m lazy. – Hindi mo problema kong tamad ako.
  • Don’t be lazy. – Wag ka ngang maging tamad.


Tamad si (name).
Si (name) ay tamad.

English: (name) is lazy.


  • Tamad si Juan. / Si Juan ay tamad. – Juan is lazy.

Antonyms of the sentence:

  • Hindi Tamad si Pedro. / Si Pedro ay hindi tamad. – Pedro is not lazy.

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