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‘Tangi’ in English

March 7, 2012


‘Tangi’ means special or only, depending on the context of the sentence.

  • Tanging ina – only mom
  • Tanging hiling – only wish
  • Tanging alay – special offer
  • Tanging awit – special song
  • Tanging Diyos – only God
  • Tanging pamilya – the only family
  • Tanging hangad – the only desire
  • Tanging ikaw – only you
  • Tanging sayo – only you
  • Tanging ligaya – the only happiness
  • Tanging mahal – only love
  • Tanging nais – the only want
  • Tanging pamana – the only inheritance


Example Phrases:

  • Ang tangi kong yaman ay ikaw. – My only treasure is you.
  •  Ang tangi kong hiling ay maging akin. – My only wish is you will be mine.
  • Siya lang ang tangi kong mahal. – He/she is my only love.
  • Tanging ikaw lang wala ng iba. – Only you no other than.
  • Ang tangi kong hangad ay maging masaya ka. – All I want is you will be happy.
  • Ito ang tangi kong regalo sayo. – This is my only gift for you.
  • Tanging ang pamilya ko ang tagasuporta ko. – Only my family is my supporters.
  • Tanging sayo lang ako. – I am only you.
  • Wag kang mag-alala tanging ikaw lang. – Don’t worry it’s only you.

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