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‘Teleserye’ meaning

February 22, 2012


‘Teleserye’ is the local name of produced soap operas or the television series in the Philippine. Teleserye is derived from the term ‘tele’ which means television and ‘serye’ means series.

Teleserye or Teledrama

Different types of teleserye’s:

  • Actionserye – an action themed television series
  • Sineserye – movies
  • Fantaserye – a fantasy themed television series
  • Musicserye – a musical television series
  • Filipino teleserye / Pinoy Teleserye – a Filipino television series
  • manood ng teleserye – watching television series
  • teleserye sa Pilipinas – Filipino televion series
  • lumang teleserye – old television series
  • bagong palabas na teleserye – new televion series


Example Sentences/Questions:

  • I want to watch television series. – Gusto kong manood ng teleserye.
  • That television series is not good. – Yang teleseryeng yan ay hindi maganda.
  • My favorite television series starts now. – Ang paborito kung teleserye ay nagsisimula na.
  • What is your favorite television series? – Ano ang paborito mong teleserye?
  • What television is that? – Anong teleserye ba yan?
  • I like the television series in the Philippines. – Gusto ang teleserye sa Pilipinas.
  • Who are the casts of that television series? – Sino ang mga tagapaganap ng teleseryeng yan?
  • The artists of that television are awesome. – Ang mga artista ng teleseryeng yan ay magagaling.
  • Watching television series whole day. – Nanunood ng teleserye buong araw.
  • I am watching televion series in the Philippines. –Naunood ako ng mga teleserye sa Pilipinas.

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