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June 11, 2011

Timang – stupid, crazy


Example Sentences:

Are you crazy?
Tagalog: Timang ka ba? / Ikaw ba ay timang?

You’re such a stupid.
Tagalog: Timang ka. / Ikaw ay timang.

You’re really crazy.
Tagalog: Timang ka talaga. / Ikaw talaga ay timang.

You’re so stupid.
Tagalog: Ang timang-timang mo naman. / Napakatimang mo naman.

I am stupid but you are more stupid.
Tagalog: Timang ako pero mas timang ka. / Ako ay timang pero mas timang ka.


Other examples:
Your timang.
I am not timang.
Your really timang.
Why you can’t understand? Are you a timang?
Your not timang, your just don’t know that thing.

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