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‘Tukso’ meaning

February 17, 2012


‘Tukso’ in English translation means you are tempted to do something wrong or what we call temptation.


manukso (active verb) – to joke, to tempt, to tease
tuksuhin (passive verb) – to joke, to tempt, to tease                     
tuksuhan – teasing, joking, tempting
Tagalog Synonyms: asaran
nanunukso – teasing someone
tagatukso – a person who teases someone
tuksong-tukso – very tempt to do wrong
tukso ng tukso – always teases someone


Note: Using the English translations of ‘tukso’ is depending on the sentences.

  • Natutukso ako. – I am tempting.
  • Wag mo nga akong tuksuhin. – Don’t tease me.
  • Ang tukso ay palaging nandyan. – Tempt is always there.
  • Nanunukso ka ba sakin? – Are you teasing me?
  • Hindi nakakatawa ang tukso mo. – Your joke is not funny.
  • Ayokong manukso sayo. – I don’t want to tease.
  • Nakakapagod manukso. – Its difficult to tease someone.
  • Nakakatawang tuksuhan. – A funny joke.

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