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‘Turu-turo’ Meaning

February 18, 2012


‘Turo-turo’ or what we call street foods. Turu-turo isaFilipino food which you can only see in street vendors. It is ready-to-eat foods or any drinks in any public places particularly in the roadways, school premises, beaches, and parks. They use disposable materials like plastics, papers, cups, bowls, and utensils for the food.

It is affordable. You can buy turu-turo in a very cheap price. It is convenient because it is available anywhere for people on the go. It is authentic Filipino food that tastes good.


Bili tayo ng turu-turo. – We eat street foods.
Masarap ang turu-turo. – Street foods are delicious.
Madaming turu-turo kahit saan. – A lot of street foods anywhere.
Magkano ang turu-turo? – How much is the street foods?
Ang mura ang turu-turo. – Street foods are affordable.
Bili na tayo ng turu-turo. – Lets buy street foods.

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