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Using ‘doon’

May 8, 2011

When you are far from the speaker and to the person addressed you need to use doon. Doon is a tagalog word that means ‘there’ in English.

Doon ako kumakain.
In English: I ate there.

Doon na ako titira.
In English: I will live there.

Ang nanay ko ay doon lumaki.
In English: My mom grew up there.

Other examples:
dumoon - to go there
naroon/naroroon/nandoon - there
paroroonan - destination 

Nakita ko siya doon.
In English: I saw her/him there.

Naroon ako kahapon.
In English: I am there yesterday.

Saan ang paroroanan mo?
In English: Where is your destination?

The opposite word of doon is dito in tagalog which means ‘here’.

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